Kenya Children’s Home

I first had the privilege of visiting and volunteering at Kenya Children’s Home back in 2012 and it profoundly changed me. I only had the chance to volunteer for 48 hours but when I returned to the UK, I knew I needed to support the amazing work of the charity in some capacity. I have always been inspired and motivated by social justice and transformation. A lot of charities focus on the vast and overwhelming need required and I feel that people can become a bit numb to charitable giving because of this. I have also had the honour and visiting and photographing other charities in Africa and Asia but you weren’t always sure how much of your donation would actually reach the people in need after deducting advertising and running costs. Coming away from my first visit to KCH, I was blown away by the impact just a little bit of money had and also how happy and loved the kids were. It costs around £30 a month to feed, educate, clothe, house and provide healthcare to one child.

So I decided at that point that I would give a percentage of every booking towards their amazing initiatives.

My wife and I had the honour of going back recently, visiting and documenting all the initiatives throughout the country. We stayed and volunteered with the kids in Nairobi for around a week and then went out and visited an amazing initiative in Suswa (a township in the rift valley) where they house and educate young ladies at risk of FGM.

I am so honoured to have partnered with this incredible charity for over 8 years now and looking forward to seeing these wonderful children grow over the coming years.

If you would like to see more of what this charity does and contribute, you can visit their website here or check out their facebook page.


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